Summer is Fast Approaching and with summer comes End-of-School. When schools lock their gates at the end of term parents' shoulders slump to find ways to get their children off the sofa and away from their games consoles - and they might just discover a life-long passion, too. TopUni recommends a fabulous range of summer camps in the beautiful English countryside. TopUni best summer camps youngsters be safely, productively and affordably entertained throughout the summer holiday. Students will breathe fresh air, gaze upon beautiful surroundings and participating in attractive activities will feel physically and emotionally restored.

TopUni team of experts every year evaluates services providing education and skills for learners of all ages. Our goal is to achieve excellence in our recommendations of Universities, Colleges and Schools. We are independent and impartial.


This year severe weather (snow, ice and wind) in England and Scotland prevented us from completing our full evaluation promptly. In the next few days we will and email you the details.

Thank you for your patience.