Time Management, Organization

Helping Students With Time Management, Organization and Lifestyle Changes

by Dr. Babis Bakopoulos

Director of MyTopEducation Network

Time management, organization and lifestyle changes are concerns that students need to deal with, in order to achieve success in accomplishing their tasks and responsibilities. Without proper knowledge about such, it would be difficult for students to juggle their tasks in school and excel in the things they do. When it comes to time management, a very popular theory applicable is Abraham Harold Maslow's time management theory. As an American professor of psychology, he relays the significance of "matching time management with our other needs as human beings, and integrating everything into a nourishing and wholesome complex" (Mani 2018). Therefore, we can see how vital it is to know how prioritize and organize, especially when faced with a list of responsibilities with various levels of importance.

Parents play a huge role in helping students with time management, organization and lifestyle changes. Being one of the biggest influencers in the lives of their children, they mu