Thinking about University 2022

Choosing your course at university is a bit like choosing your life partner. You need to be in love with it first. If you’re not getting that flutter of excitement when you read the course details and the module options, then you could be in for three years of hard labour. If you get it right, your degree and the university experience will genuinely be part of your future.

There is no shortage of information out there for students thinking of going to university. The biggest problem is the sheer volume of stuff to read. But out of all the glossy prospectuses and burgeoning websites, TopUni team of educationalists is one of those worth listening to. We are independent and worked for many years as Universities Admissions consultants. Our experience has taught us that Students are most Successful in a place where they are Happy. Choosing University is a big decision, so students should be using this time to do as much research as possible.