Help your child learn through technology - Safe Use

With rapid technological advancements, the use of technology has become rampant especially among children. The use of tablets among children is a growing trend, meaning parents’ need to have an awareness of safety issues. According to Brito and Ramos (2016), in every three children of ages 5-7 years, one of them owns a tablet, and this number totals up to half of all children of 8-11 years.

The safe tips for the use of tablets among children include minimising the overall screen time of children. Parents need to supervise their children for the total amount of time spent on tablets. Prolonged use of tablets is unhealthy for the child. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children under two years should not be exposed to screen at all while children above two years should not use more than two hours maximum screen time per day (Damkjaer et al., 2019).

Supervision is vital when considering safety issues in tablets use among children. Tablets are simple and easy to use, and children learn very quickly how to use them. Sometimes, busy parents tend to sit their child down with a tablet so that they can play with it. However, it is essential for parents to be aware that tablets are not toys. Parents should sit with their children while they use a tablet to show them how they work and respond to questions (Damkjaer et al., 2019). Therefore, careful supervision of a child while using a tablet is vital.

Choosing a child-friendly tablet is very important because it allows a child to enjoy the benefits of the device. Such a device only contains suitable content for children, and a parent can rest easy without having to worry about their children accessing unsuitable content. For instance, some companies like Leapfrog makes toys containing educational content for children between 3-9 years old including LeapPad 3 and LeapPad Ultimate. These toys are child-friendly and educative (Damkjaer et al., 2019). Therefore, applying these safety tips in the use of tablets among children would help to ensure safety and their healthy development.