Critical Thinking


by Dr. Babis Bakopoulos

Director of MyTopEducation Network

It is generally acknowledged that children should grow up being analytical and critical in the judgments they make. While children are expected to pass their class tests, bringing up a class of like-minded students with a robotic sense cannot be used to define the goal of education(Ennis, 1993 pp 181). If society wishes to advance and discover solutions to the many societal problems, then the parents should be told to develop critical and analytical thinking in their children from a tender age. Critical thinking entails integrating one's thinking to a deeper level of understanding where the knowledge can be applied in real life situations(King and Kitchener, 1994). MyTopUni  tutors around the world help students to develop critical thinking through by designing activities to incorporate critical thinking. This article picks on some of the strategies and tips used with success by our tutors which can be used by parents to help students develop critical thinking.

Strategies and Tips to Developing Critical Thinking