University Application Service  Phase A

Tailored Support through every part of the process with Complete Mentoring and Guidance

Engaging the help and guidance of an experienced and knowledgeable university consultant can make all the difference to your chances of a successful application.

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During “Phase A” we will provide:  

  • course selection advice with an eye to the future. We take the time to understand (through discussion and activities) your child’s academic and career aspirations and help them decide what course would be best for them.

  • in-depth look at appropriate matching universities. We provide insights into what your child can expect from different universities, the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a specific uni. We provide information on particular universities that might not have been considered the first time around and help optimise your son or daughter’s chances of securing a place at a great university.

  • help to strengthen your application. Out from the crowd is no longer about just getting the required grades. 

  • organise visits to university shortlist with guidance on the evaluation and comparison of courses and universities (accompanied service with extra cost)

  • Oxford or Cambridge preparation. Applications to Oxford or Cambridge are notoriously competitive and complex. To ensure your child has the best possible chance of success, our highly experienced consultants offer support through every part of the application process.

  • If your child is still at a relatively early stage in his/her academic career, we build the profile and lay the groundwork for the application to university and sets him/her on a trajectory that ensures the best possible chance of admission.